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Come join EJGH in our newest installment of Girls Night Out! 

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What Every Woman Should Know about Heart Health

EJGH Dr. Lindsay Ford and Dr. James Perrien will discuss what you should do to maintain maximum heart health, how to recognize the signs of a "female" heart attack and what to do in the event of a heart attack. Enjoy wine tastings, treats from Whole Foods and hand massages. Screenings include: blood pressure, bone density, body mass index, pulmonary screening and more. There will be door prizes. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. 

Thursday, March 26 at 7pm 
EJGH • Esplanade Rooms

FREE to Healthy Lifestyles Members, $10 for non-members. 
All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association 

CLICK HERE or call HealthFinder at 504-456-5000 to reserve your seat.

Sponsored by: 
Healthy Lifestyles • The Wellness Center • EJGH Radiology • EJGH Breast Care Center • EJGH Pulmonary Services • EJGH Sleep Disorder Center • Jr. League of New Orleans • American Heart Association

How to thrive and survive while fighting cancer

The bulk of the fight against cancer takes place on the home front – away from hospitals and physicians. Spend the day with experts from EJGH who will teach you what to expect, how to alleviate symptoms, and how to achieve the best possible frame of mind while battling cancer or caring for someone who is.

Topics include:

Complementary Medicine - Dr. Gordon Magonet
Healing Holistically - Tianne Lastra
Cancer 101- What to Expect - Nerissa Wood, RN
Managing Signs and Symptoms to Prevent Malnutrition - Amanda Perrin, RD
Cancer Wellness Program - Leah Woolf, EJGH Wellness Center

This is a FREE program, but space is limited. 

CLICK HERE to reserve your space.

Or call EJGH HealthFinder at 504-456-5000.

Prostate Health – prevention, screenings and treatment options

Dr. Walter Levy, Urologist

Dr. Paul Monsour, Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Thomas Cosgriff, Hematologist/Oncolgist 

Join our panel of prostate health experts as they discuss what every man should know about prostate health and wellness.

  • What puts you at risk for prostate cancer?
  • Should all prostate cancer be treated?
  • What new technology is changing the way prostate cancer is diagnosed?
  • Are there treatment options and if so, how do you know which is right for you?

Medical experts will answer your questions and host a lively, frank discussion on what you can do to minimize your risks and what you should do if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Thursday, September 18

Dinner: 5:30pm, Program: 6pm

EJGH Conference Center, Esplanade Room 2

Jambalaya dinner will include salad, bread, tea and water along with dessert. Free parking in the Hudson Garage adjacent to the hospital and conference center. This event is FREE, but seating is limited.

CLICK HERE or call HealthFinder at 504-456-5000 to reserve your seat.

For more information on Prostate Cancer: Detection, Prevention and Treatment click here.

Safeheart logo

In just 30 minutes our extensive SafeHeart Screenings can identify your risk of heart attack, stroke or aneurysm and give you peace of mind. If you are determined to be at risk, we will give you the tools to manage your risks. Take control of your health. Enroll today for a SafeHeart Screening for only $119.*

* $99 for East Jefferson General Hospital team members.

Screenings Include:

  • Carotid Artery Ultrasound Screen
    Identifies buildup of plaque and blockages in the carotid arteries – the leading cause of stroke.
  • Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) Screen
    Assesses the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) through the use of noninvasive ultrasound.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screen
    Identifies abnormal enlargement of the abdominal aorta – a condition that may not cause any symptoms until a catastrophic rupture occurs.
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Screen
    Evaluates any decreased circulation to the lower extremities which may indicate a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Atrial Fibrillation Screen
    Evaluates the presence of atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm) which may lead to blood clot formation within the heart chambers.

Cholesterol Screen & Wellness Assessment also available.

Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the EJGH Wellness Center


Call 866-548-3006 to register.