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EJGH@Work programs can be used to assess the overall health of employees, target areas for improvement, provide screenings or implement health and wellness programs. Any of these lifestyle assessments and solutions can be executed individually or in combination with great success.

Some of the best results have come from long-term, comprehensive health and wellness programs that EJGH@Work has developed through corporate partnerships. Sustained partnerships allow our staff to make initial assessments and develop specialized programs for optimum fitness, nutrition and disease control and prevention. Over time, we can chart progress and identify improvement and areas of concern. Your company's plan for wellness may then be modified to grow with the evolving needs of your employees.

The Lafarge Concrete Company and the Jefferson Parish Fire Departmentare just two examples of how EJGH@Work corporate partners have gained fantastic results from our programs.

Other Corporate Partners

Country Day
Bernhard MCC
Jefferson Parish
New Orleans Hotel
Prima Health
Randa Corp.
Men's Accessories

Contact Information

For more information or on how to improve the health and productivity of your staff, please contact us.

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Emily Turner
Corporate Wellness Lead 
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