Corporate Wellness

Why Wellness At Work?

Promoting wellness in the workplace produces benefits that extend far beyond reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and bigger bottom lines. When considering a wellness program, take into account the following reasons why it is a good fit for the workplace:

  • Programs offered at the workplace help to build a collective support system and team camaraderie because there is a specific, mutual goal.
  • Most Americans spend the majority of their time at work during most days of the week.
  • Making positive behavioral changes in a group setting may seem less intimidating than attempting change on our own.
  • Offering programs at the workplace help to change unhealthy cultural behaviors into positive habits that can reach from the workplace to the home.
  • Creating a culture of health and wellness is contagious and working within your organization can have a lasting impact on future generations of employees, where being healthy is the norm not the exception.

Corporate Wellness Program Development

Statistics show that worksite wellness is healthcare reform that works. It is the only long-term answer for keeping employees well, productive, and on the job. In addition, the cost of employee health insurance is greatly influenced by the frequency with which your health plan is used, the cost of medical claims and prescription drugs. You can reduce that cost by providing your employees with a customized Corporate Wellness Program.

Through our five-step process, EJGH @ Work can develop a program based on your company's specific healthcare needs.

  • Assessment
    A Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire (HRA) is used to evaluate employees' risks for developing certain health conditions. The HRA can be combined with a comprehensive wellness assessment that includes measurements of cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and waist circumference and body composition.
  • Identification of risks
    Based on the Health Risk Assessment and screening results, each employee receives a confidential health risk assessment report on their health status and a strategy to make lasting lifestyle changes.

    Employers receive an aggregate report that identifies the current health status of their company that provides the framework for the development of a lifestyle management program with targeted interventions.
  • Program Development
    Our team of healthcare professionals work in coordination with the client company to develop a Corporate Wellness Program based upon their unique objectives.
  • Lifestyle Management Programs
    Targeted plans are implemented to influence behaviors and foster the development of a pathway to a healthier workforce. Targeted Lifestyle Management programs vary and are customized to meet the client company's needs and goals.
  • Evaluation
    Annual evaluations are recommended to ensure that your company's program is successful and continuing to accomplish desired goals. The evaluation of established program goals and benchmarks are essential for future program development and return on investment tracking. Because changing corporate culture and individual lifestyle doesn't happen overnight, an evaluation can be a valuable tool in the process. The results can be used as a measure of past successes as well as a roadmap for future achievement.

Onsite Wellness Coordinator/Facility Manager

Establishing an onsite wellness facility can present unique challenges. One of our Onsite Wellness Coordinators can work with your company to develop a strategic wellness program at your company to address the unique health and wellness needs of your employees. The Coordinator can develop and implement a comprehensive program that includes fitness testing, exercise prescription, program orientations and follow-up to ensure that your program is on track and successful.

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