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Lifestyle Management Solutions

Wellness Coaching

The purpose of Wellness Coaching is to establish a unique road map to wellness and personal lifestyle change that can reduce risk factors for disease and improve the overall health status of each participant.

Wellness coaching can be provided through face-to-face meetings or through telephone and e-mail coaching. Wellness coaching is typically a phone-based conversation, which lasts for 15 minutes each session, but we will work to establish a communication method that best meets the needs of the individual.

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition is essential for maintaining health and providing the energy necessary for optimal physical and mental performance. Poor nutrition is a significant risk factor in many of the leading causes of death including coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Group or individual sessions can be scheduled with our Registered Dieticians.

Weight Management

Our Weight Management programs are customized to your company's needs and population. Programs can be oriented for an individual or for a team. The activities included in the program are specifically customized for your company.

Wellness, Workshops and Lectures

Workshops, seminars and lectures can be scheduled at your worksite or at our location. Lectures can be presented in one-hour formats or longer. Choose from a variety of topics or request a customized presentation created to meet your specific needs.

Weight Management, Nutrition, Cancer Awareness, Exercise Programming, Sleep Health and Risk Factor Management for Cardiovascular Disease are examples of some of the most requested topics.

Monthly Wellness Campaigns

Our team of professionals can work with your company to develop monthly campaigns designed to meet the changing needs of your staff. Our Wellness campaigns are group programs that promote health and lifestyle changes in fun and interactive ways. Our monthly campaigns can include the following topics and more:

Weight Management
Heart Health
Back Safety
Men's Health
Hypertension Awareness
Great American Smoke-out

Risk Factor Management
Time Management
Stress Management / Mind and Body programs
Women's Health
Diabetes Care
National Employee Health and Fitness

Fit Club Challenge

We wouldn't suggest your company try a fitness challenge unless we tried it first with fantastic results. Find out how our Fit Club challenge can trim waistlines and boost moral around your office. Click here to learn more.

Health and Fitness Group or Individual Demonstrations

Our Educational Demonstrations will provide employees first-hand, interactive experiences to various aspects of their health. Demonstrations include exercises that can be done at your desk, stretching to prevent injury and how to setup your workstation to reduce the risk for repetitive motion injuries.

Group exercise demonstrations for health and fitness are also available. Topics include the following:

  • Stress management
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Aerobic and strength training exercise for weight loss

Exercise Programs

Customized exercise programs can be developed to meet the unique needs of your employees based on the information from the HRA and Health Assessment. Work duties or tasks are also considered, so a more meaningful exercise program can be developed to address the inherit risk of a particular job. Simple stretching before work begins can have a positive impact and exercise can help reduce your risk for injury. Consider having regular classes schedule at your worksite to improve health and wellness as well as weight management.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage sessions are used to combat and alleviate stress. Our licensed massage therapist provide massage for employees or 5-10 minute chair massages can be provided at the your company's worksite.

Occupational Safety

Safety programs are provided on a variety of topics to assist companies in OSHA compliance and employee education. Programs include ergonomics and back safety programs. An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation of the worksite or specific work tasks to identify the risk for injury from repetitive movements.

Disease Management

We offer an abundance of exercise classes designed to improve muscle tone, stability, flexibility and other physical difficulties associated with a variety of illness.