The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of individuals who made philanthropic contributions to the Annual Giving Campaign at the Leadership level or above.

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl d’Aquin Mr. Rene Edwards Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sloan
Dr. and Mrs. Luis Arencibia Dr. Ricardo Febry Ms. Cheryl Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Spansel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanchard Dr. and Mrs. John Lindsey Sheriff Newell Normand Mr. and Mrs. John Troendle
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cucchiara Mrs. Diane Hollis Dr. David Pollet Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond DeCorte Mr. James Hritz Mr. Bob Reilly Mrs. Nina Victory
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Diefenthal Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Junius Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mathis Mrs. Gail Pianko Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Fortune Dugan Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kennedy Mr. John Sartori Dr. and Mrs. Mark Wegmann
Mrs. Valerie Englade Mr. and Mrs. Henry King Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schott
Mr. Rene Edwards Mrs. Nancy H. Miller Dr. Jeffrey Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Evans Mr. Matthew Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Senner