Positively impacting lives in our community - now and for many years to come

One of the greatest gifts a person can leave behind is a legacy of giving. It takes a true philanthropic spirit to make the commitment to help those in the community today, while at the same time planning ahead to benefit future generations. For Georgiana and Harold Bretz, they made the decision that generosity never has to end, and together, ensured that their legacy of giving would positively impact lives and the community for years to come.

Before Harold Bretz, a longtime member of the Community Action Council and patient at EJGH, passed away in 2006, he and Georgiana established a charitable fund through the Greater New Orleans Foundation that would provide designated charities in the New Orleans area continuous annual gifts after their passing. The EJGH Foundation is the fund's largest beneficiary.

"East Jefferson is our community hospital," says Georgiana, who is also a hospital volunteer in the EJGH Medical Library and a member of the EJGH Auxiliary. "It is our hospital. Harold and I always believed that everyone in our community should support it." In fact, Georgiana's generous gifts made in memory of Harold over the past few years have already directly provided resources to assist the patients at East Jefferson.

Harold and Georgiana were both teachers during their career, and hoped their teaching would extend far beyond the classroom by teaching through example. Part of their legacy is to teach people that you can make a difference while you are here and continue making that difference in perpetuity. With their charitable fund, Georgiana and Harold will continue to help provide the technology, patient education and resources needed to improve healthcare in our region.

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Georgiana and Harold before his passing," says Stan Maher, Executive Director of The EJGH Foundation. "They are both role models others can emulate. I appreciate their support and friendship. East Jefferson is grateful for their strong dedication to our community and for their desire to touch the lives of those around us."