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Trilogy Stereotactic System

Cancer Care is Changing.

Cancer comes in different forms, and no tumor is the same. At East Jefferson General Hospital, neither is the treatment. Introducing the Trilogy Stereotactic System, one of the most powerful noninvasive tools in the fight against cancer.

The Trilogy system delivers radiation therapy to aggressively shrink tumors in the brain, spine and prostate. Using the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology to create a three dimensional image of your tumor, Trilogy creates a radiation beam that is precisely shaped to match the tumor. Healthy tissue is spared as the targeted radiation destroys the cancerous cells, giving physicians greater treatment accuracy and the flexibility to change treatment as your tumor shrinks. The end result is individualized cancer care for you.

Trilogy. Fewer treatments. Better outcomes. Faster recovery.

Now at East Jefferson General Hospital.

What is Trilogy?

Radiation-based technology used to battle cancer in various areas of the body. One of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the market, Trilogy can deliver targeted doses of radiation to specific areas or tumors. Non-invasive way to fight cancer.

Advantages of Trilogy:

  • Painlessly delivers radiation. After you are positioned, it feels no different than an x-ray.
  • Diagnostic tools, such as MRI, Pet Scan and CT, are used to locate, measure and shape the tumor. Using state-of-the-art software, your tumor will be created on the computer so that the beam of radiation can be exactly shaped to match your tumor.
  • When delivering your sized and shaped beam of radiation, it is aimed precisely at your tumor. Because the beam matches your tumor, very little healthy tissue is damaged. As the tumor shrinks, the beam adjusts accordingly. Also, Trilogy gives flexibility to deliver the beam from different angles.
  • Done on an outpatient basis.
  • Can deliver full dose of radiation instead of the need for multiple treatments.
  • Return home and resume normal activities sooner.
  • Using it on brain, spine and prostate.
  • Unique to treatment to you.


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