East Jefferson General Hospital

All outpatient testing is done at East Jefferson General Hospital, unless otherwise dictated by your insurance company. East Jefferson General Hospital has on hand a highly experienced staff of nurses and technicians to perform your test.

  • Please bring all of you medication with you to each and every visit.
  • Please take all of your medications with a sip of water if NPO for test, unless otherwise instructed or if we are monitoring a drug level on one of your medications.
  • Coumadin Clinic: If you are taking Coumadin it is important that you follow instructions carefully. Take your Coumadin as instructed in the evening time.
  • Have your Pro time (blood work) before 12 noon on the date instructed so that the results are ready same day and we can instruct you properly.
  • Call the office before taking over-the-counter medications or changes in you prescriptions by other physicians.
  • Please bring your Driver's License or ID and your current insurance card to each and every appointment.

We are not allowed by the insurance company to bill for your co-pay. Payment at the time of visit is expected. We accept cash or check only. East Jefferson General Hospital has policies regarding payment at time of visit.

For information call EJGH business office at (504) 454-5385. If you have any questions regarding your diagnosis, treatment or anything related to your care, please ask any of us.

  • Wanda Genovese, RN: Clinic Supervisor
  • Mytosha Laurent: Office Manager
  • Debi Bondio: ACS Billing Representative/Business Manager

Patient Information Packet

For your convenience, we have provided new patients with a registration packet to help expedite your initial visit with us. When you call for your initial appointment, we will give you the link so you can go online and download and print a registration form in Acrobat Reader.