A unique exercise program employing resistance tubing in a circuit training format.

What is Circuit Training?

Refers to a sequence of exercises performed in a continuous manner. Circuit training can be an ideal mode of exercise to increase strength endurance, when used in conjunction with rubber tubing devices, such as Pro-Circuit Training Cords.

Pro-Circuit: 12 Exercises with passive recovery in between.

An agonist/antagonist circuit (opposing muscles), which alternates between extremities. This exercise sequence is designed in conjunction with basic human movement patterns. This mode of training is deal to tone and firm your muscles, and create a natural, elongated and striated look, with emphasis on balance and muscle symmetry.

Super Pro-Circuit: 12 Exercises with aerobic component in between.

Using the same exercise sequence from the Pro-Circuit, you simply utilize an aerobic (continuous movement) exercise between each body part (i.e. chest press/jog in place) a muscle group (i.e. chest press/row than jump rope). By utilizing this mode of training, you not only obtain all the benefits of the Pro Circuit, but also a significant increase in your cardio-respiratory system, as well. You will also lose additional body fat.

Frequency, Intensity, Time





Number of Exercises




Number of Circuits




Number of Repetitions




Work/Rest Ratio*




Total Time, Pro Circuit

12 min

24 min

12 min

Total Time, Super Pro Circuit

14 min

28 min

14 min

* Includes 10-second transition time. Work/rest ratio means time working in circuit versus time of passive recovery in transition to the next exercise. For the Super Pro-Circuit, you simply use the transition time for the active (aerobic) activity, before you get set for the next exercise. You will be allowed transition time (10-15 seconds) to get for next exercise.

The intensity will be controlled by the distance from the anchor, permitting the suggested number of repetitions. The aerobic activity used during the Super Circuit can be anything available (i.e. walking in place, jog in place, jump rope, light calisthenics, etc.). Emphasis should be steady-state, such that you can "talk to yourself", while performing the aerobic activity.


The time of each challenge level will be based on its respective objective (i.e. number of reps, circuits, and work/rest ratio). You may use these challenge levels, as an adjunct to other training modes (i.e. weight training, sprinting, etc.) on alternate days. You should strive for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (total volume of all exercise) each week to achieve positive health benefits.

The Program

Phase One: Application

  1. Obtain physical from doctor or we can provide one for you
  2. Complete an online application
  3. Mackie will call to determine your needs
  4. Our staff will call to schedule your assessments

Phase Two: Assessment

  1. Physiological Assessment: Meet with our staff Exercise Physiologist and Dietitian to determine your physiological and nutritional status using the following:
  2. Lifestyle Assessment: Meet with Mackie to discuss your testing results, meet your trainer and develop your lifestyle plan.

Phase Three: Training

You will meet with your trainer 4 times per week (Pro-Circuit) or 3 times per week (Super Pro Circuit) (30 minutes per session) for 6 weeks at our location.

Phase Four: Reassessment of Performance and Physiological Measures

During your 1st training session with an exercise specialist, you will be evaluated based on your performance through the pro-circuit. Throughout the 4 week program, a chart will monitor your performance progress and will be assessed at the end of the program with Mackie Shilstone.

Phase Five: Mackie Meeting

Meet with Mackie Shilstone to review your progress during the program and determine the next step in continuing to improve your overall quality of life.

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