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A basketball performance enhancement program (B-PEP) designed to teach basic and advanced basketball skills and techniques to Junior High, High School and College Athletes.

B-PEP is designed to teach not only the basic and advanced fundamentals of basketball, but also to instill positive attitudes such as the importance of acquiring a good education and the necessity of accepting moral responsibilities into one's life.

The philosophy of B-PEP founder and Harlem Globetrotter, the late Billy Ray Hobley, was, "It's just not enough being a great athlete, you must learn how to be a good person." This philosophy will help young and old alike understand that they have a responsibility not only to themselves, but to others as well.

B-PEP will help you to become a well-rounded player on the court and a well-rounded person in life.

B-PEP will help you hone and refine the skills, techniques and the mental attitude needed to excel in the game of basketball.

B-PEP teaches you basketball fundamentals

  • Basketball Rules and the Importance of Team Work
  • Man-to-Man Defense techniques
  • Free Throw Shooting and Rebounding
  • Moving without the ball
  • Ball Handling and Passing
  • Understanding the positions and avoiding the fouls and violations

And gives you the mechanics to become a well-rounded offensive player by teaching you:

  • The psychology of the game and the mental toughness needed to succeed
  • How the game of basketball has become a science
  • The Laws of Motion, and how to use center of gravity and geometry to make the pressure baskets
  • To increase your free-throw percentage; improve your shooting, the 3-pointers, the 15 footers and coming off the dribble or picks for the shot
  • How to become a "Triple Threat" - Pass - Dribble - Shoot
  • And most importantly - how to prevent needless injury

How do I join?

Your application, medical history and waiver of liability for the PEP Basketball Academy must be completely filled out and a medical clearance must be obtained from your physician prior to commencement of your program. We can provide you with a medical clearance from our own physicians if you so choose.

Once your application, medical history and waiver of liability has been evaluated, you will be contacted by our staff to discuss your goals and objectives.

You will then be tested in several areas to determine your needs and to formulate an individualized program to help you obtain your goal.

Individuals may be placed in small groups whose needs and requirements are similar or individual sessions may be arranged. Professional, caring supervision is always provided with personal assistance.


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Location & Hours

The Fitness Principle is conveniently located in the EJGH Wellness Center, 3726 Houma Blvd., at the corner of Kawanee Avenue and Houma Boulevard, close to EJGH’s main campus.

Metairie, LA 70006
Phone: (504) 503-6868
Fax: (504) 503-6800

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