Now that you have learned the secret to weight loss success is to eat fewer calories, here are 3 easy ways to cut calories:

  1. Choose lean meats instead of high fat meats. Basically, the "white stuff" on uncooked meat is the fat, which is where the majority of calories come from. You can decrease a significant amount of calories by trimming the fat from all of your meat. Lean meat only contains 45 calories per ounce, whereas medium fat meat contains 75 and high fat meat contains 100. Here are some examples of lean meats: skinless chicken breasts, center cut pork chops, a beef tenderloin or "filet," a salmon or tuna steak, egg whites and a lamb chop or leg. By choosing a leaner cut of meat you can potentially cut half the calories without changing your portion size. For example, when dining out, if you choose a 6 oz filet, which contains around 270 calories, instead of a 6 oz ribeye, which contains around 600 calories, not only will you be saving 330 calories, you will be cutting your risk for heart disease by decreasing your intake of saturated fat.

  2. Snack on fruits and vegetables instead of sweets or chips. Sweets and chips are very calorie dense but nutrient poor, where fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense but low in calories. For example, a 2-inch square of a single layer frosted cake usually has around 200 calories. If you substitute the piece of cake with fresh strawberries you could eat a whopping 1¼ cups for a measly 60 calories. Not only will you be saving around 140 calories, you will be increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C and potassium.

  3. Pay attention to what you are drinking. A 12-oz cola packs 140 calories, whereas water with lemon has none. If you eat the appropriate amount of calories for your height and weight but drink one 12-oz cola per day you will gain approximately 10 pounds per year. That's worth paying attention to.

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