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Medical science over the past two or three generations has made some remarkable breakthroughs in isolating and determining the causes of ailments that have plagued mankind since the earliest recorded history. One ailment in particular, cancer, has gotten probably the most attention owing, in large part, to the fact that certain types of cancers are among the leading causes of death.

Not all cancers are fatal, especially if diagnosed and treated in time. Cancers, which are basically cell growths that have gotten out of control and have grown larger than they should be, can affect just about any part of the body – inside and out.

While there are no surefire cures for cancer, there ARE some things we can all do that may impede or even prevent the development of cancerous growths. Eating healthy foods with known cancer-fighting ingredients is one of those ways. Here is a list of five foods that may help the body fight cancer.

Tomatoes: rich in lycopene, a plant chemical that has been shown to reduce the risk of some cancers

Berries: they get their rich color from plant chemicals called anthocyanins; potent antioxidants that protect against a variety of cancers

Spinach: packed with lutein and vitamin E, both of which are powerful antioxidants

Red Beets: rich source of many important nutrients, including the antioxidant vitamins, which are thought to play an important role in preventing many types of cancer

Oranges: high in vitamin C and many other anti-cancer compounds