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It's About More Than Numbers

Each year, East Jefferson General Hospital's Oncology Division, working in conjunction with their Cancer Registry, tracks the cancer cases that come through our hospital and creates this report. This report is seen as a valuable snap-shot into our success as a regional cancer center.

Cancer cases within this report are broken down into easy to follow numerical standards that allow you to see how many cases we treated in site specific areas such as colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Within each of these categories, you will also find demographic information related to the ages and genders of those diagnosed. There is also clinically specific information within each particular cancer related to the stage at which our specific cases were diagnosed. As you may know, clinicians use a four-stage grading system when diagnosing cancer. The fourth stage is considered to be the most pronounced. This report shows what stage cases were discovered in and what treatments corresponded.

Perhaps one of the most informative aspects of this report is its concise way of revealing our survival rates for each particular cancer and how those rates compare with the national, regional or state-wide averages or goals. Originally viewed only by physicians and clinicians, this report is now available to the community we serve.

This report breaks down an entire year of clinical excellence into easy to follow numbers and charts. However, to those who treat cancer patients every day, each number represents dozens of lives. Each case identified in here is not only a patient; it is a network of family, friends and co-workers who are each impacted by that patient's cancer journey. It also represents dozens of doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and other professionals who must work as a team to help that person fight and win their cancer battle. We hope this report helps you gain a greater understanding of what makes EJGH one of the finest regional cancer centers in the nation.

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