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I recently discussed the top five foods for before a workout. Just as important as what you eat and drink before a workout is what you eat and drink AFTER a workout.

During exercise, especially an intensive training regimen, the body uses up a lot of its stored energy. That is why it is so important to refuel after a workout with foods and beverages that will help replenish the nutrients you may have lost during your routine.

Replacing those nutrients requires at least a fundamental knowledge of which ones might have been used up so that you know what needs to be replaced.

I am listing below five of the top foods you can consume after a workout.

  • Water - Be sure to drink enough to replace losses due to perspiration; 16-24 ounces per pound of sweat lost. You should be able to determine this by weighing yourself before and after the workout.
  • Sports drink - replaces carbohydrates and electrolytes quickly if exercising vigorously
  • Whey Protein - quick-digesting protein that aids in muscle growth and repair post- workout
  • Simple carbohydrates - essential to building adequate glycogen stores for recovery and continued training; examples -- baked chips, Chees' Its, pretzels
  • Low-fat chocolate milk - quick and easy; good carb-protein mix to aid in recovery