It's well known that MRI, with its excellent contrast resolution, produces unequaled images of the soft tissues of the body. Recent concerns over medical radiation exposure make MRI (with its lack of ionizing radiation) even more attractive. However, up to 13 percent of all patients are too claustrophobic for the relatively tight confines of conventional MRI scanners, and a growing percentage of the population is physically too large to fit in the bore of the scanner. In years past, these patients were either unable to undergo an MRI at all, underwent general anesthesia for the procedure (with its associated risks) or were scanned on low field strength open systems, often with non-diagnostic results.

The Phillips high-field open MRI at the East Jefferson Imaging Center (EJIC) alleviates patient anxiety and accommodates larger patients while providing high quality images. It combines a spacious, open design with a high field strength magnet, producing images similar to conventional, closed MRI. In contrast to the typical "tunnel" design of most conventional MRI systems, the Phillips magnet boasts a 140 cm wide table with nearly a 360 degree field of view, supporting patients of up to 550 pounds. The EJIC magnet is routinely used for a wide variety of studies, including MRI of the brain, spine, extremities, abdomen and pelvis. Unlike lower field strength, open systems, it is possible to generate diagnostic quality MR angiograms and MRCPs on this scanner as well.

To schedule an MRI on the Phillips high-field open system, please contact our scheduling department at (504) 885-4223 or by fax at (504) 887-6620.

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