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Having a baby at EJGH means patients have access to the best obstetricians and high-risk pregnancy physicians in the region. In addition, our nurses are both empathetic and experienced. Woman and Child Services' lactation specialists and staff are always on hand, day or night, to ensure the health and well-being of our guests during pregnancy, labor, delivery and even after they have returned home.

Our family-centered approach to maternity care means we listen closely to the choices that expectant parents have made with their physicians. To that end, our professional staff guides mothers-to-be through the entire birthing experience. Specialized nursing care for all patients, twenty-four hour anesthesia coverage and advanced fetal monitoring with policies that are grounded in evidenced-based research are just a few of the ways that we achieve excellence in our care.

Post Partum Care

Expectant mothers deliver their babies and enjoy our Woman's Unit (Post Partum) where our private rooms and suites provide a comfortable environment and our staff focuses on the new mother and child. For the benefit of both mother and baby, most healthy babies room-in with their moms. Our entire nursing staff is trained to assist new mothers as they learn about recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Cesarean Births

Cesarean births are accommodated on the labor and delivery unit with the use of dedicated surgery suites. In addition to the attending obstetrician, a team of nurses, an anesthesiologist and a neonatal nurse practitioner are present at every cesarean delivery.

High-risk Pregnancies

In the event of a high-risk pregnancy requiring hospitalization, our antepartum unit offers leading edge monitoring equipment and a multidisciplinary care team. This affords both the mother and family an environment in which the expectant mother can focus her energies on the healthy completion of her pregnancy.

We offer a full range of services and expertise to ensure that our patients get the care they need when they need it. Should a patient's pregnancy require a medical specialist or a newborn need a more advanced level of care, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine service and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) is always available.


We want to make sure everyone is on the same page as early as we can. In putting together a care plan, everyone on that team understands their role and contributes. In doing it through the team approach, parents are directly involved in the process and know that everyone has the best interest of their child as their top priority.



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