Did you know that EJGH Interventional Radiology offers percutaneous gastrostomy tube placement? Although surgeons and gastroenterologists have traditionally provided gastric/small bowel access, interventional radiologists are able to provide the same access with a high success rate (99%), and few complications. This imaging-guided procedure can be performed safely and comfortably in most patients with minimal anesthesia, making this an attractive alternative to surgical or endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement in high-risk patients. Patients are required to be NPO a minimum of 6 hours prior to the procedure; air insufflated via an NG tube distends the stomach, facilitating identification of the stomach by fluoroscopy or ultrasound. A feeding catheter is placed directly into the stomach, under local anesthesia, via percutaneous abdominal wall puncture. Conversion of a gastrostomy to jejunostomy, or de novo jejunal access is also possible percutaneously, although technically more complex and usually reserved for patients with higher risk of aspiration.

Absolute contraindications include uncorrected coagulopathy, absence of a safe access route; massive ascites, unfavorable anatomy, gastric neoplasm, active peptic ulcer disease or gastritis, gastric varices are relative contraindications. For scheduling, please contact Special Procedures at (504) 454-4140.