The two new Siemens Artis zee angiography suites installed in the EJGH radiology department provide the high quality images necessary for today's complex interventional procedures. "The new biplane and single plane flat panels produce much higher resolution images with lower radiation exposure than the older systems they replaced," notes Dr. Charlie Sandoz, interventional radiologist. "With the dose-reduction enhancements, we are convinced that our patients will achieve better clinical results, especially during complex procedures." These unique state-of-the-art systems deliver lower radiation dose by a number of different methods, including CAREvision, which is variable rate pulsed fluoroscopy, CAREguard, a means of controlling skin dose, CAREfilter, in which a variable lead filter is automatically set according to the current transparency of the object, and CAREprofile, radiation-free adjustment of collimators. Thanks to these features, the contrast dose and the overall length of the procedure are also reduced.

The new equipment enables performance of low dose syngo DynaCT, offering CT-like 3D imaging for radiosensitive patients, combining rotational angiography and special reconstruction algorithms to generate cross-sectional images. This capability proves to be particularly helpful in radiofrequency ablations, nephrostomies, tumor imaging and stent placement. Syngo iGuide, a needle-guidance application that supports real-time, integrated needle navigation in the interventional suite, makes needle procedure planning easy and convenient. The flat panel detector features a unique integrated cross-hair laser light that aids facilitation of skin point entry selection for vertebroplasties, biopsies and drainages, by displaying the length and angulations of the needle path and automatically positioning the C-arm.

Interventional radiologist Dr. Sean O'Brien sums up his feeling about the new rooms, stating, "The new angiography equipment improves patient safety, shortens procedure time, and improves the overall patient experience in special procedures."