All aquatic classes are included in membership. Click here for class schedule.

Arthritis Xtra 

Exercises performed focus on flexibility and functionality of the joints to improve range of motion, balance, coordination, and the ability to carry out the activities of daily living.

Life Made Easier 

Improve your muscular strength and flexibility in the hip, knee, and ankle. If you have conditions that may restrict movement and you want to increase endurance and efficiency of movement, this class is for you.

Oh, My Aching Back 

Strengthen the muscles in your back, trunk, and abdomen to manage stress and pain in your lower back.

Resistance Training 

This class will provide education and exercise to focus on increasing the strength of large muscle groups.

Beginner H2O Cardio 

Get a cardiovascular workout along with muscle toning and endurance. You set the pace using resistant bands and hand barbells. Have fun and exercise at the same time! Be ready to work! (Beginner Exerciser)

H2O Cardio 

Water Aerobics offers a complete workout for everyone, with cardiovascular conditioning as well as toning and stretching, using resistance bands, belts, noodles and weights.