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VO2 Testing / RMR

How far can (or should) you go?

Athletic Testing Special Package: $200

Learn EXACTLY what your target training zones should be to reach your PR. The Fitness Principle at EJGH is offering a special VO2/RMR package that provides you VO2 testing, RMR and a 30 minute review of results. This comprehensive evaluation is the same one being used by many of the world's top athletes. Assess your current status and develop a personalized plan to help you breakthrough to the next levels of fitness and performance.

VO2 Testing

VO2 is your best indicator for all the following:

  • Cardiovascular endurance potential
  • Optimal energy source usage
  • Caloric needs to support training and recovery
  • Heart rate zones for optimal endurance, stamina building and fat burning workouts
  • Monitoring gains in cardiorespiratory fitness

RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate

Your Resting Metabolic Rate indicates the amount of calories you burn while resting, which represents roughly 60% of the calories burned in one day. Your RMR is a key ingredient in building your personalized metabolic nutrition plan.

Call the Fitness Principle at 504-457-3100 to learn more or to schedule your evaluation session.


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The Fitness Principle is conveniently located in the EJGH Wellness Center, 3726 Houma Blvd., at the corner of Kawanee Avenue and Houma Boulevard, close to EJGH’s main campus.

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