East Jefferson General Hospital

Well, to say the least, Serena Willams' victory in the third set over Victoria Azarenka will go down in U.S. Open history as one of the greatest come-from-behind victories.

The night before, Saturday night, I sent Serena an email outlining how I saw the match unfolding, along with my insight on motivation, passion and what to do to succeed.

Serena WilliamsIf you recall from previous post cards, I said one opponent would need to mentally break the other. I laid out for you the groundwork for what that would entail. It unfolded as I told you it would. There is nothing that can usurp experience in the heat of battle. Just ask the Navy SEAL on the Bin Laden raid.

For all parents of young athletes who must compete in a chosen sport, TRAIN LIKE YOU COMPETE. AND COMPETE LIKE YOU TRAIN. If you can get your kids to do that on a consistent basis, then the sky is the limit in sports competition and life.

One other point to make before I go to bed (it is 12 midnight Sunday), never quit no matter how the cards are stacked against you, no matter how the crowd reacts. Stay the course with intent, purpose and determination, and just like Serena Williams tonight, you can and will prevail - with a few prayers along the way for backup.

On my way home to hopefully peace and tranquility until the next non-heroic challenge.

Mackie Shilstone