East Jefferson General Hospital's Flash CT sets the bar higher.

With the installation of the Siemens Somatom Definition Flash, East Jefferson General Hospital introduced the latest in CT technology to the New Orleans metro area. This dual source CT scanner, featuring two X-ray tubes and two detectors that simultaneously revolve around the patient's body, is the first of its kind to be installed in Louisiana.

The fastest scanning speed in CT (43 cm/s) and a temporal resolution of 75 milliseconds mean that larger areas of the body can be scanned in less time, eliminating breath holds in many cases.

Time-critical studies in stroke and trauma patients are expedited, resulting in decreased treatment delay. Because of the faster scan time, the entire heart can be imaged in less than half a heart beat (250 ms), making it possible to perform CT coronary angiography in patients with arrhythmias and tachycardia.

Siemens Somatom Definition FlashAlthough the speed of scanning is unmatched, the decreased radiation dose of the Flash is even more impressive. Medical radiation exposure has received extensive media coverage in recent months, prompting concern on the part of patients and physicians about CT radiation dose. Advances in CT hardware and software enable scans on the Flash to be performed with a much lower radiation dose than conventional CT scans. Since the installation of this scanner at EJGH, CT radiation dose has been reduced by 20-50 percent.

The Flash is located in the CT suite of the main EJGH radiology department (adjacent to the ED). Questions regarding the new scanner may be directed to the CT supervisor, Mary Jane Curson at (504) 560-5374 or to Drs. Singha and Joslyn at (504) 454-4314. Outpatients may be scheduled by calling (504) 883-6900 or faxing an order to (504) 456-8048.