It won't be long before Derrick Rose is finally spotted wearing a Chicago Bulls uniform in a real, live NBA game.

At which point, adidas will have to go back to the drawing board for its next brilliant shoe promotion.

Not that the Bulls and their fans much care about that. They've been dreaming about D-Rose, not just all day, but for months now. The Windy City has been waiting, with bated breath, to see its hometown hero's "Return" ever since his knee buckled in Game 1 of a 2012 Eastern Conference playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Bulls have fared remarkably well without him so far in 2012-13. They're 19-13, just a half-game back of the Indiana Pacers for the lead in the Central Division and home-court advantage in the first round of the 2013 playoffs.

But Chicago won't be a legitimate contender in the East unless/until Rose is healthy again. Which brings us to the questions on everyone's minds in Chi-Town: Where is Rose in his recovery right now? What's the next step? And (most importantly) when can the basketball world expect to see the 2010-11 MVP doing MVP-like things for the Bulls?

Let's have a closer look, with an assist from renowned sports performance manager Mackie Shilstone.


Mackie Spotlight

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