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Located in the heart of Old Metairie, East Jefferson Primary Care is a practice dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of personalized care to patients aged 16 years and older. Dr. Nicole Giambrone is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She also believes in delivering a full array of women's services including pap smears and GYN care. As your primary care physician, Dr. Giambrone sees her responsibility as coordinating your healthcare to ensure you remain as healthy as possible then when you do need care, she has a deep enough knowledge of your personal history and medical needs to quickly and accurately assess the best possible care path for you whether it requires a specialist or all your care can be provided at EJPC.

Our Physician

Nicole Giambrone, M.D.

Giambrone webBorn and raised in the Greater New Orleans area, Dr. Giambrone knew early on that she wanted to be a physician. Her original intent was to practice pediatrics but once into her training, she realized how much she enjoyed practicing practical medicine on people throughout every stage of their lives. In choosing to become a primary care physician, she has the opportunity to meet teens who are just beginning to have a relationship with their physician and be the primary resource for care for that person throughout their life.

A graduate of Archbishop Chapelle High School, Loyola University and LSU Medical School, Dr. Giambrone takes great pride in the level of personalized care she provides. She believes strongly in the role a primary care physician plays in coordinating your care even when you need a specialist. She describes her role in this manner, "If my patient needs surgery, I want to help them see the finest surgeon for that particular need. Then, I will be there throughout rehab and after to ensure they maximize the outcome and I have that history in mind as I provide the best care possible to them throughout the rest of their life. There is simply no replacement for truly knowing your patient and working with them to maximize their health."



Contact Information

Nicole Giambrone, M.D.

701 Metairie Road, Ste: 2A-208
(upstairs across from Langensteins)
Main Phone: (504) 832-0646
Fax: (504) 832-2530 

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Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm



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