INS-group-webThe Foundation at EJGH is pleased to announce INSPIRE – the inaugural 2013 Competitive Grants Program! This year's program distributed a total of $344,614 of charitable contributions in support of the mission of East Jefferson General Hospital!

Through this program, all team members and physicians had the opportunity to inspire innovation and collaboration to enhance Expert Medicine, Extraordinary Care at EJGH. Grant recipients were chosen through the INSPIRE Selection Committee which consisted of team members, physicians and Foundation Board Trustees. The recommendations were approved by the EJGH Foundation Board of Trustees in a unanimous vote.

Congratulations to the following 2013 INSPIRE Grant Recipients:

Radiology/Urology: Image-Guided Biopsy System

  • EJGH will have the first image-guided prostate biopsy program in Louisiana
  • Improve the detection of cancer
  • Improve ability to determine best treatment option
  • Decrease the number of unnecessary biopsies

Wellness Center: 8 Stationary Bicycles

  • To launch cycling program for Parkinson's Disease patients

Marketing Department: Digital Signage System

  • 9 Monitors throughout hospital campus to provide way-finding and communications for patients, guests and team members

Corporate Education Department: Training and Certification Conference on Caring for Parkinson's Disease Patients

  • Available to: Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists

Cardiology Department/Quality Management: Heart Failure Teach-Back LIVE Research Study

  • Focus on improving self-care strategies in heart-failure patients to improve patient health and reduce re-admission rates
Pain Management Committee: Geriatric Pain Resource Course
  • To be provided to physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists to educate in improving pain management in elderly patients

IV Team: Prevue Ultrasound System

  • Portable ultrasound device will assist with difficult IV starts when vein is not palpable to touch
  • Reduce the need for some central lines
  • Available 24/7

Pulmonary Rehab: Televisions in Pulmonary Rehab Outpatient Gym

  • To help improve patient experience while participating in therapy

Oncology: Restorative Healing, Wellness and Patient-Centered Care

  • Piano for Outpatient Infusion Area
  • Massage Chairs for Infusion Center Senner Family Serenity Room
  • 2 Blanket Warmers (1 for inpatient, 1 for outpatient)

Supportive Care: Educational materials for chronic or terminally ill patients

  • Literature for patients, families and caregivers that assists with issues of grief and support.

Emergency Department: GENE (Geriatric Emergency Nurses Education) Course

  • Provide nurses and staff with knowledge of best practices in the care of the elderly

Emergency Department: Televisions in Patient Care Areas and Waiting Room

  • To improve patient satisfaction and assist with waiting-time perception management

Skilled Nursing: Activity Room Renovation

  • Transform the activity room into a warm, inviting, purposeful activity center for the skilled nursing residents
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