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Description of Measure

Patients admitted to the hospital with ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke are at increased risk of developing new blood clots in their veins that break off and travel to other parts of the body, like the brain or lung (also called Venous Thromboembolism).

Why is this Important?

Research shows that hospitals should begin treatment to prevent new blood clots on the day of or day after these patients are arrived at the hospital.

Treatment can include medicine, medical devices, or tightly fitting stockings designed to keep blood from clotting.

This measure shows the percentage of patients admitted with an ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke who either received treatment to prevent blood clots on the day of or day after arrival at the hospital or had paperwork in their chart to explain why they had not received this treatment.



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All descriptions and data sources are reported from Hospital Compare.

Data reported are based on discharges from First Quarter 2013 through Third Quarter 2013

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