There have been many conflicting conclusions in the past about the appropriate amount of protein needed by the body to support lean muscle tissue growth and repair, especially if you are an athlete in training.

 Proteins are made up of amino acids – the so-called the building blocks of life - that serve to stimulate muscle growth and protein synthesis, as well as support immune function and much more. There are two types of amino acids: essential (EAAs) and non-essential (non-EAAs). The body can synthesize non-EAAs (the body can produce these on its own), while EAAs must be acquired from the diet.

Feeling exhausted from a bout of high intensity exercise? This situation could result from a job well done, or from conditions referred to as over-training and over-reaching.

According to University of Vermont physician and triathlete, Alex M. McDonald, over-training "results when stress from both training and non-training stressors, overwhelms the body's ability to recover adequately."

Water is essential to the proper function of the human body. Well, you would be surprised just how easily water consumption can be neglected in the hectic routines of our daily lives, thus potentially depriving us of optimum health and performance.

Comprising up to 60 percent of our body, and 70 percent of our muscles, water prevents dehydration; it is essential for cellular homeostasis (keeping cells at a steady state); it regulates the body's temperature control, improves skin appearance, and influences cognitive performance, just to name a few.

It's not often that we give our parents or grandparents credit for the little things they taught us such as to "take that tablespoon of cod liver oil" to enjoy better health.

How right they were, especially if you participate in recreational sports. Fish oil (a source of Omega 3s) consumption dates to the 1700s as a daily wellness tonic.

Early physicians found great success easing their patient's aching joints, much less helping them to regain good health. To this day, I take not only fish oil capsules, but also a teaspoon of cod liver oil in my morning protein shake to help both my heart health and protect my joints from running up and down the tennis court during training sessions with world No. 1 Serena Williams. While I will never reveal a woman's age, I will turn 62 on March 16, so I need all the good health I can get.

Super Bowl 2013 – the NFL's annual extravaganza – has descended on New Orleans with all its pomp and fanfare. The projected economic impact of this one week event for the city is $434 million.

As with all such events, there are numerous story lines with some close to home.

First and foremost is the brotherly competition between the two opposing head coaches – the 49ers Jim Harbaugh vs. the Ravens John Harbaugh – to take back to one of their respective cities the coveted Vince Lombardy trophy, symbolic of the best NFL team.

Mackie Spotlight

EJGH’s very own Mackie Shilstone, Executive Director of the Fitness Principle, is in New York working with Serena Williams as she goes for another U.S. Open title. As Williams’s Fitness Coach, Mackie will be part of the team preparing her for matches throughout the tournament. To give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at how Williams prepares for every opponent, Mackie is writing a daily postcard for detailing all the day’s happenings. Check back daily for updates. 8/22/13
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