Uncertain whether your patient needs a screening or diagnostic mammogram? The EJGH Breast Care Center radiologists offer the following information to help you decide which is appropriate:

  • A screening mammogram is intended for asymptomatic women; it includes a minimum of 2 views of each breast (craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique). A report is generated within one working day of the exam, or as soon as prior outside films are obtained for comparison. If additional work-up of the findings on this exam is needed, the patient and doctor's office are contacted by phone, to arrange additional imaging.
  • A diagnostic mammogram includes a minimum of 3 views of one or both breasts (the screening views as well as a mediolateral view); the images are reviewed by a radiologist at the time of the exam and additional spot compression, magnification, rolled or tangential views may be obtained if necessary. An ultrasound is typically performed in conjunction with a diagnostic mammogram for work-up of a palpable abnormality or a mass on mammography. Results are discussed with the patient at the time of exam. Diagnostic mammograms are recommended for symptomatic patients (with a lump, thickening, nipple discharge, etc), for work-up of an abnormal screening mammogram, and for women with a personal history of breast cancer, breast surgery or other risk factors for breast carcinoma.

Dawn Hymel, RT brings 31 years of radiology experience to her position as supervisor of the EJGH Breast Care Center. After graduating from the Hotel Dieu School of Radiology in 1980, she spent 27 years at St. Claude General Hospital where she worked her way from x-ray tech to Director of Radiology. Dawn joined the East Jefferson team after Hurricane Katrina, and became the Breast Care Center supervisor in 2007. Last year, she was appointed the supervisor of the ultrasound section of the Radiology Department as well. Dawn and her husband of 27 years live on the Northshore, and have 4 children.

Dawn is available at (504) 456-8105 or by beeper at (504) 560-8620.

Carol Anne Luttrell, M.D.Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science – Medical Terminology, University of Virginia
Doctor of Medicine: Medical College of Virginia
Residency: Radiology, Tulane University Medical Center
Specialty: Breast Imaging; Board Certified, American Board of Radiology

Dr. Carol Anne Luttrell started at East Jefferson General Hospital in May of 2000, and was one of the founding partners of Radiology and Interventional Associates of Metairie. Dr. Luttrell has been the Director of EJGH Breast Care Center since its establishment in June of 2002.

Sean O'Brien, M.D.Undergraduate: State University of New York at Binghampton
Doctor of Medicine: University of Buffalo School of Biomedical Science, 1986
Residency in Radiology, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, 1990
Certified, American Board of Radiology
Advanced Certification: Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Specialty: Interventional Radiology

Dr. Sean O'Brien was born and raised in New York City, and attended college and medical school in upstate New York, graduating from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine in 1986. He trained as an interventional radiologist at the University of Miami, and has been in private practice for over 22 years, working in major medical centers in Miami, Milwaukee and Atlanta. He has been the section head of Interventional Radiology at EJGH since 2008. "As an interventional radiologist, I'm continually excited about the potential of using cutting-edge technology to perform minimally invasive procedures. We offer patients safer alternatives to surgery in many instances, with quicker recovery time," notes O'Brien.