East Jefferson General Hospital

Fay CloyFay Cloy

A 4-year service member of the East Jefferson General Hospital Hematology Oncology Department, February’s Volunteer of the Month, with over 2,300 hours served, is Fay Cloy.

Cloy greets each patient as they come into the clinic and assists in pulling charts, copying lab slips and faxes lab orders across the hospital, saving patients from a trip to another part of the hospital.

The volunteer service member is always quick to lend a helping hand, doing anything asked of her around the office from putting together new patient packets to answering phones, continuously going above and beyond the call of duty.

Coy is an important part of the hematology oncology team and is helping East Jefferson General Hospital make it great, every day!

With every pint of blood or platelets donated at East Jefferson General Hospital this Mardi Gras season, you will receive a FREE jazz inspired t-shirt courtesy of the EJGH Blood Center.

Donate anytime during February and March to receive your complimentary shirt (while supplies last) and help save a life during this festive time of year.

Safeheart Screening Logo

In just 30 minutes, our extensive, non-invasive screenings can identify your risk of heart attack, stroke or aneurysm and give you peace of mind. And, If you are found to be at risk, we will give you the tools to manage any conditions that may arise.

For just $119 on Friday, Feb. 24, join us at the East Jefferson General Hospital Wellness Center to undergo our exclusive Safeheart Health Screening.

Harahan Recognized EJGH EMS Image

A trio of East Jefferson General Hospital paramedics were recognized by the Harahan Police Department this past week after the group helped save the life of an unresponsive child this past December.

Michael Ortiz, Timothy Thames and John Eddleman were on call when they were dispatched to a Harahan home where they found the 3-year old unresponsive in a family swimming pool. Suffering from cardiac arrest, the child was resuscitated by the paramedics and transported to the hospital for treatment.

Jill BayerJill Bayer

With 2,000 hours of devoted service over a 5-year span, January’s East Jefferson General Hospital Volunteer of the Month is Jill Bayer, a dedicated member of the ground link information desk.

A participant in the Volunteer Advisory Council, Bayer considers her job to be one of the best in the hospital, delivering flowers and plants to our patients, which she always does with a friendly and upbeat attitude.

Along with her assigned duties, Bayer also makes herself available to answer any questions from visitors, locates patient room numbers, answers the phone and even assists other departments with folding and mailing envelopes.

Bayer, along with our other dedicated volunteers, are helping EJGH make it great every day!