Terri Gonzalez-Kriesman

For the past 16 years, Terri Gonzalez-Kriesman has generously donated her time to EJGH. That is in addition to her full-time job teaching college students.  Her entire adulthood has been spent developing and expanding the lives of others.  Each summer or holiday, Terri makes the time to devote herself to EJGH. One particular aspect of her service here is when she helps us train Junior Volunteers.  A lifetime spent teaching young minds has helped here tutor numerous young volunteers and in kind, kept Terri young at heart and extremely energetic. We thank her for her service. Terri Gonalez-Kreisman, EJGH April Volunteer of the Month.

Sandra Duvic

Since she started volunteering in January of 2016, Sandra Duvic has already made in indelible impression on our organization and the community. Beginning by volunteering one day a week in the Volunteer Services Department, Sandra then expanded to three days a week in three different areas. In fact, her “work” in Volunteer Services and the Emergency Department was so inspiring, when the EJ Women’s Clinic needed a volunteer one day a week, they specifically requested if Sandra could fill the role. She did and has not stopped impressing everyone with whom she comes in contact. Sandra, like so many of our volunteers, embodies the very best of our hospital, our community and our nation. She is selfless and committed to contributing to a greater good. We thank her for her commitment.

Joseph Mikes

Lee White has been a faithful volunteer for 9 years, contributing over 1500 hours of service at the Domino 2 Information Desk. Every Friday at Noon, he comes in with a smile and a cheerful attitude, ready to assist anyone who needs his help. From training new volunteers, to providing wheelchair escorts for our guests, Lee is always the first to jump in whenever someone needs assistance. Perhaps the greatest compliment to Lee is that patients, guests, and staff alike all compliment his work ethic and smiling, pleasant, helpful manner.

Lee White

As a volunteer greeting guests and as a member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee, Larry is committed to ensuring that everyone deserves the best possible experience every day. Larry mans the information desk in Groundlink. From there, he is often the first “EJGH” face visitors encounter. Larry takes a great deal of pride in ensuring those visitors receive a welcome, wayfinding and assistance that reassures them this is not your typical hospital. Knowing a visit to the hospital can be a daunting, unexpected and often unwelcomed part of someone’s day, Larry goes above and beyond in providing assistance and a smiling, pleasant presence that comes from the heart. Whether they are a patient, a guest, a team member or even a fellow volunteer. Thank you Larry, for both your service, and your commitment to excellence.

Today January 20, 2018), Jefferson Parish Officials lifted the Boil Water Advisory that had been issued earlier this week. At this time, EJGH has full pressure and potable water throughout our faucets, coffee/soft drink machines and ice makers.

The Administration of EJGH wants to thank our physicians, nurses, team members, patients, guests, vendor/suppliers and our entire community for their patience and diligence in ensuring that patient care would never be compromised during this event.

At this time, we expect all clinics, services, labs and the Wellness Center to open at regular times on Monday, January 22nd.