When the symptoms of a stroke hit, you are in the race of your life, you call 9-1-1 – EJGH EMS begins addressing your stroke immediately and before you arrive at the Emergency Department. That rapid response, along with proven therapies later, can significantly reduce the short and long-term effects of your stroke.

A stroke doesn’t discriminate, know your risks. If you have any history or hypertension or other warning signs, talk to your EJGH physician about reducing your risks. And if you do develop any FAST symptom (Facial loss of control, Arms with tingling sensation or numbness, Speech becomes labored or slurred and Time) don’t hesitate call 9-1-1 right away, each minute matters.

EJGH has not only earned the American Heart/Stroke Association’s highest honor, “Gold Plus” now for the fifth consecutive year, we are also certified with LERN (Louisiana Emergency Response Network). We combine the finest in paramedics, physicians, therapists and others to limit the short and long term effects of your stroke.

At EJGH, our stroke program acts FAST. We immediately work to get your symptoms under control and limit the short and long-term damage done by your stroke. We have seen the difference minutes can make. If you believe you may be suffering a stroke, act FAST. Call 9-1-1 and put the region’s best stroke team to work for you.if