Social Services

Social Services

Licensed Clinical Social Workers work across disciplines to help patients and families cope with the emotional and social concerns that are often connected to illness or injury. Our professional social services staff can offer patients assistance in terms of patient care plans, evaluations, after care plans and referrals. They are also clinically trained to provide compassionate counseling for patients and families experiencing the difficulties of illness, rehabilitation and grief.

Services provided by social workers include:

  • Assisting with decision making related to the patient's plan of care
  • Helping patients adjust to lifestyle changes brought on by illness or injury
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Assisting patients and family in complying with a physician's recommended plan of care
  • Counseling patients and family in times of conflict or crisis
  • Providing referrals to community resources, such as substance abuse treatment or mental health services
  • Providing referrals to nursing homes or assisted living facilities
  • Evaluating cases of possible abuse
  • Support Groups

Contact Information

Phone: (504) 503-4073