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Join us on Sunday, November 5th, 2017 for the Nola 4x4ing for a Cure Fundraiser to benefit the Breast Care Center at East Jefferson General Hospital.

Bring the entire family for a fun-filled afternoon complete with great food, raffles, silent auctions and more! The day will also feature special educational speakers including MD Anderson affiliated physicians.

It all takes place on outside of the River City Ballroom at Mardi Gras World, 1380 Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA 70130. Cost to attend is just $10 per person, tickets can be purchased here.

For further information, please contact Christi Nissen at 504-251-7873, via email at or call George Grimes at 504-416-0412.

In the event of inclement weather, we thank you for your charitable donation.

TomoTherapy at East Jefferson General Hospital

With the addition of TomoTherapy, East Jefferson General Hospital is the only cancer center in our region addressing the two primary challenges physicians face when using radiation therapy to fight cancer:

  • Making sure the beam is reaching the tumor as planned
  • Minimizing harm to healthy tissue around the tumor

With it’s patented 360º delivery, TomoTherapy’s linear accelerator (linac) delivers treatment continuously from all angles around the patient. More beam directions give physicians greater control in how to plan treatments and more assurance the dose will be confined to the tumor. This maximizes treatment and reduces the risk of short, and long-term, side effects.

Thousands of Targeted Beamlets

The TomoTherapy treatment system uses a patented multi-leaf collimator (MLC) that divides the radiation beam into beamlets, all aimed at the tumor. Typically, tens of thousands of beamlets are used in a single TomoTherapy treatment session. Powerful software optimizes the contribution of each one to the total tumor dose, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue.

CTrue™ image guidance for every patient, every day™.

TomoTherapy’s unique ring gantry design facilitates a 360º delivery pattern. Perhaps even more importantly, it integrates true CT imaging that can be used on a daily basis to guide the accurate delivery of each treatment session. No other radiation therapy system offers this seamless integration of image-guided and intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

The Home of Survivorship

As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve the oncology services we provide, we were proud to open our expanded and completely renovated East Jefferson General Hospital Regional Cancer Center at the Yenni Pavilion in the spring of 2014. Made possible through a $3 million capital campaign donation by The Foundation at EJGH, this state-of-the-art facility houses our radiation therapy program, oncology physician clinics and chemotherapy infusion. It is now a complete and convenient home for outpatient oncology services with available parking right outside the front door. The Regional Cancer Center is located on the campus of EJGH in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie but serves a region that stretches across the southern half of both Mississippi and Louisiana.

Technology has always been a vital piece of our EJGH cancer fighting abilities. We believe in arming our physicians with the latest technology so that they can develop a treatment plan designed specifically for each patient and their particular cancer. With tools such as Trilogy Stereotactic System, Novalis Tx and PET Fusion available on the first floor and other technologies throughout the hospital such 3D mammography, UroNav and the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, our team of experts are equipped to diagnose and kill even the most complex cancers. And, because we have physician offices in the EJGH Regional Cancer Center, most outpatient visits and treatments are conveniently available in the same building.

Outpatient Infusion Center

The centerpiece of the expansion is the new Outpatient Infusion Center that encompasses the third floor addition. The facility houses 22 infusion stations, each complete with its own nursing station, with a semi-private recliner area for the patient and a family member. In addition, there are now seven private rooms for patients who require extra attention, the Henry and Pat Shane Resource Library, the Ralph and Christy Senner Serenity Room and a Fast Track area to serve patients more efficiently and quickly.

Located in the infusion Center is a "Survivor's Bell" which is rung by cancer patients who have completed their treatment path. When the patient rings the bell, our cancer care team gathers around to celebrate alongside the patient. A poem of survivorship is read aloud and a tremendous wave of joy is always evident. The clear tone of the bell is truly heard by all those in attendance to be the sound of victory over cancer.

The 3rd floor also contains our relaxation rooms and space for our integrative therapies such as massage, guided imagery and other more holistic treatments designed to complement your more traditional treatments.

By combining physicians with the knowledge to heal with advanced technologies and facilities built to promote the healing process, EJGH once again is setting the pace for other cancer programs to follow. It is also more reason why EJGH is making it great, every day.

Living Well Beyond Cancer

Survivorship is our only goal at EJGH. Once you are diagnosed with cancer, every single interaction you will have with us is built around that singular goal. Upon completion of your treatment, we will even celebrate with a ceremony where you will ring our survivorship bell. This is a powerful and meaningful moment as it signifies you truly winning the fight of your life. At that time you will transition into our formal survivorship program.

The mission of the survivorship program is to maximize your quality of life while minimizing your risk for new or recurring cancers. Working together, your care team will provide:

The Bell is Just a Beginning

To celebrate the milestones along your cancer journey such as completion of infusion treatments or radiation therapy, our patients participate in a bell ringing ceremony. Caregivers gather around the bell and read the survivorship poem and you, a proud cancer survivor, are then asked to ring the bell. The sound of that bell is the sound of victory and life for you. For others, receiving treatment for their cancers, it is the sound of hope and inspiration. For the Cancer Survivorship Program at EJGH, the bell is just the beginning – the beginning of your life after cancer.

Live Well with Cancer

Live Well with Cancer is a disease management program built around YOU. This program takes place at the EJGH Wellness Center and is designed to fit your needs at every phase of your cancer journey, providing safe and effective exercise training, support groups and therapies for the mind, body and soul. Click here to learn more.

Support Groups and Services

Our survivorship program includes support from other survivors in its wide array of programs to assist you in your quest for optimal health. There is a very real sense of camaraderie among those who have battled cancer and won. Attending a support group is a great way for you to meet with others who have been where you are and where you are going. Click here to register for upcoming support groups or call Healthfinder at 504-456-5000 for more information.

Integrative or Complementary Therapies

East Jefferson General Hospital offers a wide range of therapies that can be beneficial, even enjoyable, long after you have completed your treatments. Therapeutic massage, yoga, guided imagery and other therapies have proven effective at helping you stay well. Call one of our Cancer Care Navigators at 504-503-6000 for more information.

If you have any questions about the Cancer Survivorship Program at EJGH or would like more information, please call 504-883-2968.

The second opinion has become a staple of medical care. In fact, today the practice is used in many fields but nowhere is it more associated with quality than in the healthcare industry. This practice led to many forward thinking hospitals adopting Tumor Board or Cancer Team approaches that allowed multiple doctors to reach a consensus before moving forward with a course of treatment. As part of our affiliate relationship with MD Anderson, East Jefferson General Hospital has installed a video conferencing system. This system's purpose is to allow EJGH physicians to hold regularly scheduled meetings, with EJGH doctors on one side of the connection and MD Anderson physicians on the other. These meetings will allow MD Anderson physicians and EJGH physicians to agree on a patient's best possible course of treatment. The high-quality imaging available through this system allows doctors from each location to view scans and reports so that each participating physician can give an informed opinion based upon the greatest possible amount of data. With this system, which MD Anderson has successfully used with its affiliates for some time, the patient gets the benefit of multiple views.




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