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The second opinion has become a staple of medical care. In fact, today the practice is used in many fields but nowhere is it more associated with quality than in the healthcare industry. This practice led to many forward thinking hospitals adopting Tumor Board or Cancer Team approaches that allowed multiple doctors to reach a consensus before moving forward with a course of treatment. As part of our affiliate relationship with MD Anderson, East Jefferson General Hospital has installed a video conferencing system. This system's purpose is to allow EJGH physicians to hold regularly scheduled meetings, with EJGH doctors on one side of the connection and MD Anderson physicians on the other. These meetings will allow MD Anderson physicians and EJGH physicians to agree on a patient's best possible course of treatment. The high-quality imaging available through this system allows doctors from each location to view scans and reports so that each participating physician can give an informed opinion based upon the greatest possible amount of data. With this system, which MD Anderson has successfully used with its affiliates for some time, the patient gets the benefit of multiple views.


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To find a physician member of the MD Anderson Cancer Network, call HealthFinder at (504) 456-5000.


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