Orthopedics/Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at EJGH

Sports Medicine is the combination of diagnostics, orthopedics, rehabilitation, therapy, pain management, fitness and nutrition all working together to help you overcome an injury or pain so you return to your full quality of life. Blue Cross-Blue Shield measured the outcomes of orthopedic patients throughout Louisiana and designated EJGH a Center of Excellence.

EJGH is proud to offer off-campus sites like The Wellness Center and Outpatient Rehab Center as convenient access points to our patients, providing the community with accessible locations to receive the standard of care they have grown accustom to.

EJGH Sports Medicine program includes:


Repairing an injury starts with a proper diagnosis. At East Jefferson Imaging Center, you will find state-of-the-art technologies that include the area's most powerful CT and the state's most open field MRI in a setting that is built to allow for walk in, walk out convenience. These tools, and others, are in the hands of Radiologists who specialize in musculoskeletal imaging and other areas that allow for the fastest most accurate diagnosis possible. It is the information acquired at EJIC that will give your physician the pinpoint accuracy needed to determine whether surgery is called for.


The orthopedists at East Jefferson General Hospital have a reputation for excellence that is hard earned. Our orthopedists have worked with baseball Hall of Famers and weekend athletes helping each get back in the game better than before. Blue Cross-Blue Shield measured the outcomes of orthopedic patients throughout Louisiana and is a designated Center of Excellence. The orthopedists at EJGH cover the entire spectrum of bone/joint care including minimally invasive repair of the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hands and back.

Outpatient Rehab and Physical Therapy

Perhaps nothing impacts your overall surgical outcome as much as the quality of your post-surgical rehabilitation. At EJGH, your therapy begins the day of your procedure. The continuum of care continues at EJGH's outpatient rehabilitation center just off of Veterans Highway. This state-of-the-art facility gives our therapists greater space and resources than can be found elsewhere. One-on-one care built around your specific needs is the hallmark of rehab services available at EJ Outpatient Rehab.

Pain Management

From the moment you become injured, pain is often the debilitating aspect of your injury. Whether you require surgery or not, managing that pain is paramount to your recovery. At EJGH, our physicians often work hand-in-hand with The Pain Management Institute at East Jefferson General Hospital to develop a pain management system that will afford you relief while allowing you to return to normal activities in the quickest, safest manner possible.

Food & Nutrition

One of the most overlooked aspects of positive performance is the role of nutrition. A qualified nutritionist can develop an eating plan built around your specific needs. The right plan can help you lose weight, gain weight, sleep better, gain energy, run further or faster and more. The Outpatient Nutritionists at EJGH can develop a meal plan for you, and your entire family, that is both effective and delicious.

EJGH Wellness Center

The best way of preventing a recurrence of this injury and/or preventing future ones, is an effective, ongoing fitness program designed by professionals to ensure maximum results and optimal injury prevention. That is exactly what you will find when you retain a personal trainer at EJGH Wellness Center, located just off of the EJGH main campus. Staffed by exercise physiologists and disease management specialists, EJGH Wellness Center is positioned to help you meet all your fitness and wellness goals.