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Next Stop, Parenthood!

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EJGH has partnered with Destination Maternity to help expectant families on their journey to parenthood and beyond. Now, in addition to the courses still offered at EJGH’s main campus, classes will be held at the Destination Maternity location on North Causeway Blvd. Click here to register online for Destination Maternity Classes.

Courses offered include:

ABC's of Breastfeeding – Dispels myths and provides basics on breastfeeding. Feeding your newborn and pump pointers are also discussed.

Balanced Nutrition Series – This 5-class series helps you to gain an understanding of balanced nutrition, food safety, postpartum weight loss, lactation nutrition and infant feeding.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage and Yoga – This informative class will discuss the many benefits of Massage Therapy and Yoga during pregnancy. The instructor is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher at the EJGH Wellness Center. Participants will learn deep breathing techniques and gentle Yoga poses.

Could you be at risk for Gestational Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes? – Learn when and how gestational diabetes may affect your pregnancy and if you might be at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Symptoms, screening and management will be discussed.

Dogs & Storks – This two hour seminar teaches parents-to-be how to successfully prepare the family dog for the arrival of a new baby. For many parents, their first "kids" were pets. Now that a baby is in the future, it is important that parents help their dog adapt to this new addition and create a safe environment for both the dog and the baby. This class is also recommended for grandparents, babysitters, or anyone who owns a dog that will be around the new baby.

Eating Well for You and Baby – In a series if three classes, offered once a month, you will learn what to eat for a healthy pregnancy and how to avoid food borne illnesses. For after baby arrives, we will present ways to maintain a healthy diet during breastfeeding and how best to get back to your pre-baby weight without the use of fad diets. Transitioning baby to solids and navigating the picky eaters phase will also be discussed.

Family & Friends CPR – The American Heart Association created this non-certifying program for anyone who wants to learn how to give CPR to a child or infant.

Fit For Two – EJGH Fitness Principle teaches the usage of stretch-fit bands for a low impact fitness program that is great for women to keep fit before, during and after pregnancy.

Food Safety – With pregnancy comes special considerations concerning food safety. Learn how to avoid food borne illness to have a healthy pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes – Learn when and how gestational diabetes may affect your pregnancy and if you might be at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Symptoms, screenings and management will be discussed.

Healthy Birth Practices – Lamaze practices are grounded in extensive research and supported by many. Gain an understanding of how six simple steps can help you have a safer and healthier birth. No fees - class is FREE.

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method – This is as much a philosophy as it is a birthing technique. The method teaches you that in the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does not have to accompany labor. You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony--as they were designed to--when your body is sufficiently relaxed.

Immunizations for Newborns – Learn why vaccinating your child is a safe and effective measure that reduces the risk of illness, disability and death. Immunization schedules and recommendations will also be discussed.

Infant Feeding – Be prepared to raise a healthy baby by learning what foods are appropriate for each age group. Learn what to do with picky eaters to help maintain proper nutrition for your child.

Introduction to Infant Massage – Expectant and new parents learn how a nurturing touch can help relax baby, alleviate colicky symptoms, improve sleep patterns, increase weight gain, but most importantly, enhance a solid bond between parent and baby.

Lactation Nutrition – Learn how to continue your healthy diet during breastfeeding. Make sure you are getting enough of the appropriate foods for healthy lactation.

Navigating the Physical and Emotional Changes of Pregnancy – Find out what types of things you can expect in the first few weeks of pregnancy and beyond. Join us as we present information on how a woman's body changes both physically and mentally during pregnancy.

Newborn Essentials – Get answers from the experts about the first weeks at home with a newborn. Get the basics of feeding, bathing, diapering, swaddling, umbilical cord and circumcision care, and how to take a temperature in this small, confidence-boosting class.

Nutrition Series – Enrollment in Lactation Nutrition, Infant Feeding, Balanced Nutrition, Food Safety, Weight Loss as a series is discounted.

Prenatal Massage and Yoga – Discuss the many benefits of massage therapy and yoga during pregnancy. Mothers-to-be will learn deep breathing techniques and gentle yoga poses.

Prenatal Yoga – Gain and maintain strength and flexibility during pregnancy and alleviate some of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. In addition, learn how to use yoga for labor and delivery. This course is for all moms to be, regardless of yoga experience and is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy.

Relationships & Babies: A New Beginning – Discussion to assist couples as they transition from life before baby and re-learn how to relate to one another once the baby is home.

Safety Check: Keeping Your Baby Safe – Keeping your baby safe - both inside and outside of your home is an important part of parenting. This class presents general information on first aid, medical and environmental emergencies, car seat safety and ways to prevent infant abduction.

Weight Loss After Birth – Trying to get back in shape after pregnancy? Learn how to lose weight appropriately without fad diets after delivery.

Registration is available at Destination Maternity by using the parent education phone at the juice bar. You can also register through EJGH's HealthFinder at (504) 456-5000 or online by clicking here. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Labor & Delivery

Having a baby at EJGH means patients have access to the best obstetricians and high-risk pregnancy physicians in the region. In addition, our nurses are both empathetic and experienced. Woman and Newborn Services' lactation specialists and staff are always on hand, day or night, to ensure the health and well-being of our guests during pregnancy, labor, delivery and even after they have returned home.

Our family-centered approach to maternity care means we listen closely to the choices that expectant parents have made with their physicians. To that end, our professional staff guides mothers-to-be through the entire birthing experience. Specialized nursing care for all patients, twenty-four hour anesthesia coverage and advanced fetal monitoring with policies that are grounded in evidenced-based research are just a few of the ways that we achieve excellence in our care.

Post Partum Care

Expectant mothers deliver their babies and enjoy our Woman's Unit (Post Partum) where our private rooms and suites provide a comfortable environment and our staff focuses on the new mother and child. Immediately following birth, skin-to-skin contact is performed between mother and newborn for an hour. The newborn is covered in a warm, dry towel or blanket. The first hour is crucial because skin-to-skin contact helps to adjust the baby to life outside the womb. Following the “sacred hour”, the baby is bathed and evaluated next to their mother.

For the benefit of both mother and baby, most healthy babies room-in with their moms. Baby's attachment instinct is highest during the first days of life. Studies show babies who stay with their mother are more likely to gain weight, sleep quietly between feedings and soothe more easily. Our entire nursing staff is trained to assist new mothers as they learn about recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Cesarean Births

Cesarean births are accommodated on the labor and delivery unit with the use of dedicated surgery suites. A team of nurses, anesthesiologist and a neonatal nurse practitioner are present at every cesarean delivery as well. The “sacred hour” of skin-to-skin contact can be experienced with a cesarean birth by placing the newborn horizontally across mother’s chest, post-operation. 

High-risk Pregnancies

In the event of a high-risk pregnancy requiring hospitalization, our antepartum unit offers leading edge monitoring equipment and a multidisciplinary care team. This affords both the mother and family an environment in which the expectant mother can focus her energies on the healthy completion of her pregnancy.

We offer a full range of services and expertise to ensure that our patients get the care they need when they need it. Should a patient's pregnancy require a medical specialist or a newborn need a more advanced level of care, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine service and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) is always available.

Breastfeeding Center

EJGH is dedicated to the promotion and support of breastfeeding as the standard for optimal infant health and development. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is available 7 days a week to offer support during and after pregnancy. Call (504) 503-4323 with any breastfeeding questions or to schedule a private consultation.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Our certified lactation specialists help you to transition into successful breastfeeding. Learn the nutritional value of breast milk, your baby’s weight gain, milk supply concerns and more. Meet and share advice with other breastfeeding mothers. This support group is FREE.

For information on the Breastfeeding Support Group, call Health Finder at 504-456-5000.

Neonatal Care

EJGH is committed to providing our smallest and most vulnerable patients with the best care.

Evidence Based Care

  • Rooming-In
  • Skin-to-skin
  • Exclusive breastfeeding support
  • Neonatal congenital heart disease screening
  • Superior quality in-room hearing screen

Registration and Tours

Mothers-to-be who wish to deliver at EJGH should submit a pre-registration form. Click here to submit an online form or visit the front desk on the 4th floor of the Domino Pavilion at East Jefferson's main campus for a paper form.

Expectant mothers are also invited to take a tour of the facilities. If you would like to schedule a personal tour, please call (504) 503-5555 or womanandchild@ejgh.org.