2017 Countdown Calendar ImageUsing a fitness app or activity tracker can help you make a healthy change in your life by becoming more active, aware and motivated. There are tons of great apps and tools out there and they go way beyond tracking your daily steps. The right fitness tracker for you will be based on your individual needs and how active your lifestyle is.

Here’s a look at some of the best fitness trackers out there that can track your physical activity, caloric intake, weight and fitness goals, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and many more incredible insights into your health.

2017 Countdown Calendar Image

Whether you’re trying to avoid those extra holiday pounds, trim down before New Years, or just looking for new ways to increase your physical activity each week, try some of these strategies to make your workouts more enjoyable and help keep your holiday stress free!

Image of Holiday Stress

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this time of the year, you’re not the only one. The expectations of the holiday season can be high and your to-do list just keeps getting longer….

When we over-busy ourselves we increase our emotional stress, putting our immune systems at risk.

2017 Countdown CalendarWinter or summer, dehydration can cause exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, loss of coordination and even a stroke. When dehydrated, you can also become more susceptible to winter colds and flu.

Not drinking enough water can make it harder to keep of those unwanted pounds during the holidays too, when we tend to exercise less and eat more. When your body stays hydrated it is able to break down fat for energy, better controlling your appetite.

Image of Physical with Physician

A physical exam is used to check your overall health and make sure you don’t have any medical problems that you are unaware of. The exam is also known as a wellness check, which means you don’t have to actually be sick to request one. This is your chance to talk with your Primary Care Physician about any changes or symptoms you have noticed or might be experiencing. It can also be a good time to discuss any general health concerns you have or may have been avoiding, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions!