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2017 Healthcare Countdown

Keeping you healthy, happy and fit through the holidays and into New Years

The holiday season is officially here and New Years is just around the corner! With so much to do and so little time it’s easy to forget about those health resolutions and goals you set almost a year ago. East Jefferson General Hospital is here to help guide you through the holiday season with quick tips and friendly reminders of things left to do in 2016 so you can finish this year stronger than ever!

Cheers to the New Year!

2017 Countdown CalendarSetting New Year’s resolutions can be daunting for many. Year after year, the same things are added to another new list and each year those same things go unachieved. This year, try doing things differently!

The beginning of a New Year often brings new opportunities for some and a fresh start for many. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year’s achievements and growth and to start a new list of health goals and lifestyle habits to strive for in the upcoming year.

This year, instead of large, generalized goals such as ‘lose weight’ or ‘run more’, try setting smaller, more attainable ones that fit your lifestyle and make the most sense for you. For each goal you set, create a plan for how you will accomplish it. List what you will need to do and how often it will need to be done in order for you to achieve that particular goal. Be as specific as possible when getting started! This will help you see the results of your efforts more quickly and keep you motivated to stay on track. When setting new goals it’s also important to set realistic time frames for achieving these ‘mini goals’ in order to track and measure your progress and make the appropriate adjustments if necessary.

Whether it’s eating better, becoming more active, spending more time with family and friends, volunteering, taking more time for yourself, or anything else on your list, be sure you have a plan to help you achieve the results you want in 2017!

Integrative Medicine Bundle

Live Well with Cancer is a 6-week program designed to maximize quality of life for patients during and after cancer treatment while also emphasizing diet, exercise, medical and lifestyle changes needed to reduce the risk of further cancers.

Two sessions each week are held at the EJGH Wellness Center where an exercise physiologist will provide exercise and fitness programs designed to fit the patient's specific needs.

A third meeting each week is held at the Regional Cancer Center giving patients and caregivers access to the various programs within the Integrative Medicine program.

$59 per 6-week session. For more information, please call the Wellness Center at 504-503-6868.

Integrative Medicine Bundle: $199

  • One 60-minute nutritional consult
  • One 30-minute nutritional consult follow-up
  • Two 30-minute massages or one 60-minute Reiki session
  • Unlimited Guided Meditation sessions
  • One additional Integrative Medicine service of your choice. Choose between:
    • One art therapy session
    • Two oncology yoga classes
    • One 60-minute personal trainer session
    • One additional nutritional consult
    • Two 30-minute massages or one 60-minute Reiki session

Living Well

The Integrative Medicine Program at East Jefferson General Hospital

The Integrative Medicine Program at East Jefferson General Hospital is designed to complement your treatment plan and assist in overall wellness, recovery and empowerment. It works hand-in-hand with the many other resources made available to patients at EJGH. We offer this wide array of resources because we have seen them work. We believe that each patient is unique and strive to develop a treatment plan that best fits you and your needs.

All patients will be offered an initial consult with a nurse practitioner who will assess patient readiness and discuss which offerings best fit the needs of that patient. This consult is billable through insurance. Therapies are currently being offered at the EJGH Regional Cancer Center in the Yenni Pavilion. Many are free of charge unless otherwise stated. Click here for a list of therapies currently being offered. Customized, bundled packages are also available. For more information, please call 504-503-6000.

Dr. Ashish Udhrain headshot
Dr. Gordon Magonet
Family Medicine

Dr. Ashish Udhrain headshot
Dr. Siddartha Padmanabha
Radiation Oncologist

Our mission and pledge:

  • To provide evidence-based educational resources to patients and healthcare professionals alike
  • To assist in the integration of various therapies, both conventional and more holistic
  • To improve the lives of our patients
  • To give our patients the widest possible array of resources that will assist them in their fight against cancer and provide relief during that fight.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Each person's illness and experience is unique. The Integrative Medicine program at EJGH is built around the belief that one size hardly ever fits all. Also known as complementary medicine, integrative medicine combines a full understanding of traditional medical care with other, more holistic or complementary resources intended to work hand-in-hand with your conventional medical treatments to provide the best outcomes and most healing and positive experience possible.

How Does the Program Work?

The program begins with a review of your current health and/or condition. This includes your course of treatment, diagnosis and prognosis along with your lifestyle and preferences. For this first visit, bring a list of your medicines, supplements, homeopathic remedies and other therapies you are currently using or use periodically. This initial consultation can take 30-90 minutes depending upon how many questions you have. The goal is to give you a better understanding of integrative medicine and to develop a program specifically around you and your needs. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to see how well you are progressing, answer any questions you have and modify your program if needed. Call 504-503-6000 for more information.
Download this file (physicianreferralform.pdf)Physician Referral Form[ ]73 kB

All patients will be offered an initial consult with a nurse practitioner who will assess patient readiness and discuss which offerings best fit the needs of that patient. This consult is billable through insurance. The therapies listed below are currently being offered at the EJGH Regional Cancer Center in the Yenni Pavilion. Many are free of charge unless otherwise stated. Customized, bundled packages are also available.


Essential oil blends address conditions such as headaches, sinus problems, wound healing and stress. $25/hour

Art Therapy

Patients paint, sculpt, draw, color and use creative outlets to relieve stress before, after and even DURING treatment. $38/session

Message Therapy

Improves circulation, promotes healing, relieves stress and can help manage pain. $50/30-minutes or $65/hour

Music Therapy

Individual music players are used to provide specially chosen music that enhances pain relief and relaxation during treatment.

Nutritional Counseling

Helps prevent weight loss in patients, promote preventative and healing capabilities, compliments patients overall health. $27/30-minute session or $54/hour

Personal Counseling

Counseling sessions with a licensed social worker during and after treatment can alleviate stress and provide coping skills to assist patients throughout their journey and beyond. Billable through insurance.

Personalized Fitness Training During Infusion

Personal trainers provide customized workout programs for patients to use during their infusion sessions thus keeping the patient in motion and motivated during treatment. Reduces stress, alleviates stress and can assist in outcomes. $30/30 minutes. Physician follow-up required.

Pet Therapy

Reducing stress through interaction with specially trained pets.

Qigong Yoga

(Chi Kung) combines body movements, muscle relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques to improve physical, mental, and emotional health by creating a balanced flow of energy. $10/60-minute class or $20/month for unlimited classes.


Pressure techniques applied to the feet and hands provides pain and stress relief and promotes healing throughout the body. $50/30 minutes or $65/hour

Reiki Therapy / Healing Touch

Safe gentle method of transferring positive energy from “healer” to “patient”. Relieves stress, and helps manage both acute and chronic pain. $50/30 minutes or $65/hour

Spiritual Counseling

With a focus on healing and recovery, these sessions have proved to be impactful in a number of ways.

Support & Education

Grief support groups, cancer support groups, “Look Good-Feel Better” and other programs through EJGH and the American Cancer Society provide a number of resources aimed at both the patient and their caregivers.

Yoga (One-on-One)

Work privately with a certified yoga instructor to learn techniques that can improve flexibility, movement and overall fitness as well as promote relaxation and emotional well-being. $60 per sessions or 3 sessions for $165.

Learn how the right physical therapy can reduce pain and improve mobility.

February 26, 2015 

6 -7pm

EJGH Wellness Center 3726 Houma Boulevard • Metairie • Louisiana

Seminar is free to the public.

One of the most commonly reported sources of chronic pain involves the knee joint. As a person ages normal wear and tear on the cartilage surrounding the knee joint can break down, causing pain when walking or with other normal movements. But, there ways help preserve and restore functionality and reduce pain so you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

That is why EJGH is offering Knee Pain: Learn how the right physical therapy can reduce pain and improve mobility, a free seminar taught by expert physical therapist Randy Lee. 

Topics discussed will include the various types of medical conditions that most affect the knee joint, how physical therapists evaluate joint problems and determine a treatment plan, and the most effective therapeutic exercises and treatment protocols.

For more information or to register, call EJGH HealthFinder at 456-5000.