All patients will be offered an initial consult with a nurse practitioner who will assess patient readiness and discuss which offerings best fit the needs of that patient. This consult is billable through insurance. The therapies listed below are currently being offered at the EJGH Regional Cancer Center in the Yenni Pavilion. Many are free of charge unless otherwise stated. Customized, bundled packages are also available.

Message Therapy

Improves circulation, promotes healing, relieves stress and can help manage pain. $50/30-minutes or $65/hour

Nutritional Counseling

Helps prevent weight loss in patients, promote preventative and healing capabilities, compliments patients overall health. $27/30-minute session or $54/hour


Pressure techniques applied to the feet and hands provides pain and stress relief and promotes healing throughout the body. $50/30 minutes or $65/hour

Reiki Therapy / Healing Touch

Safe gentle method of transferring positive energy from “healer” to “patient”. Relieves stress, and helps manage both acute and chronic pain. $50/30 minutes or $65/hour

Therapeutic Yoga

 Therapeutic Yoga is a specially designed yoga class that allow even those with injuries, ailments, or limitations to gain the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga safely. $10/class.


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