Skinny Jeans 2017 Banner

Have a favorite pair of jeans in your closet that you wish you could fit in again? The Wellness Center has you covered!

Bring in that old pair of jeans and give eight weeks of hard work and the experts at the Wellness Center will have you back in shape in no time. The Skinny Jeans Challenge includes:

  • Four group sessions per week with a personal trainer
  • Nutritional journal
  • One 90-minute nutrition counseling session
  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • Whole Foods grocery tour

Registration for the challenge ends on March 1, with the start date set for March 6. Total cost is $648, or two easy payments of $324, and a $75 non-member initiation fee.

All participants will keep their jeans at the Wellness Center to document progress and all jeans must be at least two sizes too small. One lucky winner will receive a new pair of jeans.

To register, call the Wellness Center at 504-503-6868.