Step into the boxing ring this summer at the East Jefferson General Hospital Wellness Center for the all-new One-Two-Punch program designed to help you drop the pounds and lower your overall stress.

The program runs for six weeks starting on July 24, and is designed for 2-4 participants per group with two classes per week for a total of 12 semi private training sessions. Cost is $279 for the series, all gloves and wraps will be provided by the Wellness Center.

Boxing classes have been proven to help participants:

  • Burn Calories
  • Decrease Stress
  • Lose Weight
  • Enhance Cardiovascular Health
  • Improve core strength
  • Improve Total-Body Strength
  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination

To register, contact the Wellness Center today at 504-503-6868.

As a special thank you to all of our local educators, East Jefferson General Hospital is offering a special Teacher Summer Transformation program at the Wellness Center, getting you equipped for a healthy fall semester and beyond.

Beginning on June 5, the six week program includes:

  • Weekly education on various topics, including: stress management, nutrition, exercise and financial planning.
  • Personal fitness orientation
  • Unlimited group exercise classes
  • Unlimited use of the Wellness Center facility
  • Unlimited use of the aquatics area
  • Two (2) group workouts with a personal trainer
  • Towel service

Cost is just $99 for the entire program. To register, or for more information, contact the Wellness Center at 504-503-6868.

Join us with the East Jefferson General Hospital Exercise is Medicine program.

Exercise is Medicine is an initiative launched by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Association (AMA) focused on encouraging health care providers to include exercise when designing treatment plans for patients.

The purpose of the program is to partner with physicians to lead patients to understand and act on using regular exercise as a method of treatment for attaining and maintaining health.

Exercise is Medicine is a 12-week program designed to help treat and prevent dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, back pain, heart disease and obesity.

As a participant in Exercise is Medicine, you will meet with a Health Fitness Expert for an initial fitness assessment, goal development and exercise prescription. Your participation and progress will be reported to your doctor and a complete a reassessment will be done after weeks six and 12. Program includes meeting with a Health Fitness Expert and nutritionist every other week as well as:

  • One, 90 minute initial assessment with an exercise physiologist
  • Two, 60 minute re-assessments at weeks six and 12
  • One, 90 minute nutrition consult
  • One, 30 minute follow up nutrition consult at week 9
  • Weekly check-ins via phone or email with a Registered Dietitian

Cost for the 12-week program is just $192 or three easy payments of $64.

Call Us Logo Register today! 504-503-6868
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Join Anna Zeringue, certified MELT instructor and Occupational Therapist, for a 4-part, instructional series on the MELT Method, a self-treatment approach, at the East Jefferson General Hospital Wellness Center.

Erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and lower back brought on by everyday stress, overuse and age. This simple self-treatment can make your whole body feel better and provide relief from neck and lower back pain, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Come to a MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Class and discover how the connective tissue in your body gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in our bodies for vibrant health and pain-free movement.

The series begins on Oct. 17, and runs every Tuesday for four weeks. Classes begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.

Cost for the workshop is $40 for Wellness Center members and $45 for non-members.

To register, call the Wellness Center at 504-503-6868.

Les Mills RPM 

This class is the 45 minute indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Discover your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high. Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new RPM™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

*To reserve a bike please call the front desk at (504) 503-6868. Participants are advised to register 24 hours in advance for a class.

A Typical Class

  1. At the beginning, the pace is easy and the resistance light, to get your legs warmed up.
  2. Speed and intensity increase as you work towards your top personal pace. You'll warm up your climbing muscles, and then hit a series of full-on hill climbs that test your strength and cycling time trials that test your endurance. There will be time for recovery, just enough to give you the energy to push through the next challenge.
  3. At the end of the class you will finish the journey and ride home together. Recovery is the name of the game, including the all-important stretch.


  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  • Burn fat
  • Tone and shape your legs, hips, and butt
  • Increase leg strength and muscular endurance without building bulk
  • Burn up to 600 calories in a normal 50-minute structure
  • Release endorphins to leave you with a natural high