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Nutrition Counseling at the Wellness Center

Nutrition counseling at the Wellness Center focuses on your specific nutritional needs and goals. You and your dietitian will work together to develop a plan to work toward your goal. Weight loss at the Wellness Center is more than just a diet; it is a lifestyle change that will help you feel better, increase energy, and improve mood, all while eating foods you love!

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    For those who are interested in creating a long-term lifestyle change, have tried diets in the past, or have a moderate amount of weight to lose.


    • 1 – 90 minute initial session
    • 1– 30 minute follow up sessions


    For those who have completed the Basic Nutrition Package or a single session and need additional guidance.
    Follow Up Package: $149

    • Includes 4 – 30 minute follow up sessions


    For those who have specific nutrition-related concerns.

    • 60 minute session: $79
    • Cholesterol screen: $35


    • Get a 4-Week Membership to the EJGH Wellness Center and get TWO consultations with a registered nutritionist for one Bundled Price of $199. Nothing will impact your exercise results as much as nutrition. Your nutrition can fuel the results you seek or sabotage even the most intense gym visits.

    This package is your best chance to not only maximize your next month of personal care but also learn the skills that will provide long-term fitness and nutritional success.

    Wellness Center Membership includes access to our full facility including both pools, free weights, machines, extensive cardio equipment, and classes including “Body Pump”, aerobics, Zumba and more. Nutritional consultations will consist of 2 sessions. The first will be an extensive 90-minute consultation and the second will be 30-minutes.


    Call the Wellness Center today to learn more and sign up: 504-503-6801


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    Many times there are underlying conditions that need to be addressed in order for weight loss to be successful. It could also be that you are at a stage in your life when your nutrient needs are different than they were. Whether a food intolerance that makes it difficult for you to meet your nutrient needs, or a condition that requires you be on a specific diet, our 60-minute individualized consultation will help you reach your best self yet.
    • 60-Minute Session: $79

    Athletic Performance
    For those trying to boost their training regimen or optimize muscle mass and body fat to maximize performance.

    Blood Pressure
    Just a small amount of weight loss can help lower blood pressure numbers by 3-5 points! At this consult you will receive invaluable tips on how to reduce your sodium intake.

    With ever-changing nutrition recommendations, knowing which foods will increase your cholesterol can be tricky. Our dietitian will help you sort fact from fiction to help keep your levels in check.

    Let our dietitian help you understand the carbohydrate exchange system so you can seamlessly use it to control your blood sugar in everyday life.

    Pregnancy Needs
    Nutrient needs vary greatly during all periods of gestation. Meet with our dietitian to learn which foods to consume most of and which foods to avoid to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

    Following a plant-based diet is a great way to improve your health and the health of the planet. Learn how to safely follow a meatless meal plan that won’t leave you feeling hungry or fatigued.

    Nutrition counseling sessions are available by appointment only. Please contact the Wellness Center’s Dietitian, Ashley Berluchaux, MS, RDN, LDN, at 503-6801 or stop by the Member Services Desk to make an appointment today!

Meet the Nutritionist




Ashley Berluchaux, MS, RDN, LDN
contact: 504-503-6801