The Wellness Center

Personal Training Focused fitness guidance and accountability from certified trainers

Personal training sessions, conducted by a certified personal trainer, are available for individuals or small groups.

Personal training sessions, conducted by a certified personal trainer, are available on land or in water, to assess fitness and training goals, educate members on health and wellness and motivate them to reach their personal goals. Clients will receive a 15% discount on all nutrition services. All personal training clients must be a member of the Wellness Center or must pay a daily or weekly guest fee.


Boxing has always been known as the sweet science. Consistently rated among the most fit and finely tuned athletes throughout world, boxers go through a rigorous training program that is a total body workout.

Boxing brings you a professional level, high-energy fitness program that is non–contact with no sparring. Specifically geared for all fitness levels, lose weight and sculpt your body with lean muscle mass. Current and former participants repeatedly say that it is the most fun and engaging exercise program they have ever attended.

This one-on-one, full body program will build leg and upper body strength, work abdominal muscles, increase cardiovascular performance and is an excellence stress relief workout. A professional boxing trainer who has worked with world champions throughout the country will teach the art of throwing punches through heavy bag and mitt regimes, defensive stances, and the importance of always maintaining balance. Stressed in this program is proper technique to maximize effort and to avoid injury.


Personal Training Prices:
Personal Training
  • 60 Minute Session $50   –    Package of twelve 60-minute sessions $550
Aquatic Training
  • 30 Minute Session $25   –  Package of twelve 30-minute sessions $240
Somatics Training
  • 90 Minute Session $150   –   Package of four 90-minute sessions $550
Boxing Training
  • 30 Minute session $40   –   Package of twelve 30-minute sessions $420
  • 60 Minutes Session $70   –   Package of twelve 60- minute sessions $72